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Hi, I'm Cassidy Quinn Server! I'm a professional organizer who started out in 2015 doing residential organizing and have since expanded my services.


I tailored my degree with this business in mind, graduating from the University of Denver with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Business Administration in 2019.

I was born and raised in Michigan, but have lived all over the US, as well as a summer abroad in Tasmania and 3 months traveling Europe in 2019. I love seeing new places, but, closer to home, I love reading and writing fiction and finding small DIY crafts to do.

Organizing is a passion of mine, and I love helping people, so it really is the best of both worlds! If you are looking for someone to bring a positive attitude to motivate you, contact me to see if I'm in your area and set up a meeting.

Taken in Arthur's Pass National Park in New Zealand, 2018

Wondering what sets me apart from my peers?

          I have focused on making this my profession since high school. I have worked at a bookstore, which taught me the importance of keeping a consistent system, a fulfillment center, which taught me how to pack-to-ship a range of products (from clothes to fragile dishware), and, currently, California Closets, which is teaching me how to visualize the potential of a space (as big or as small as it is).

          I have helped pack for, and been involved in, several cross-country moves, so I understand the stresses of packing and unpacking.

          I focus on your objectives and offer physical and emotional support and creative solutions to your projects.

          My psychology degree helps me better understand the human mind and why we do the things we do.

If we wait until

we're "ready"

we'll be waiting

for the rest of our lives.

~ Lemony Snicket ~

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